Contactless payment system instituted at Rimi stores

The newest technological solutions in customer service in the retail trade have made the shopping process faster, more comfortable and more enjoyable. But that’s only the beginning. Shopping habits in the future will be dominated by payment systems using contactless cards, self-service checkouts and convenient mobile apps.

A survey of customers at Rimi stores shows that more than 80% of respondents rate the option of quickly paying for their purchases at a self-service checkout as highly positive, and an additional 12% rate the experience as positive. Self-service checkouts decrease the time customers spend on shopping, and they let customers check out at their own pace and speed. At the present moment there are more than 230 self-service checkout terminals at 40 Rimi stores throughout the Baltic States, and the number of participating stores will soon increase to 60. Self-service checkouts will also continue to be introduced to Rimi stores in Latvia next year, both in Riga and at regional stores.

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