Rimi has always worked in two main areas to promote a healthy lifestyle and help its customers feel good: to inspire healthy choices through healthy assortment, recipes, customer magazine, websites and stores as well as by promoting an active lifestyle.

Promotion of a healthy choices is conveyed through different activities, such as:

Offering a wide and constantly increasing range of healthy products with the label “Rimi Good for You”. More than 1000 products with more fibers, wholegrains, with less sugar, salt, better fats, no industrial hydrogenated fats (no trans fats), no GMO, no synthetic food additives, like sweeteners, taste and smell enhancers and azo dyes, were identified under “Rimi Good for You” products criteria. Healthier products are selected based on a set of criteria, referring to Keyhole, Baltic, Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and World Health Organization Healthy Diet Guidelines.

“Rimi Nutritionist suggests” (Rimi Estonia) / All “Rimi Good for You” (Rimi Latvia) / ”Choose Healthier” (Rimi Lithuania) products are marked with special price tag at our stores to be visible for our customers.

Offering a wide assortment of products for special dietary needs – gluten free, lactose free as well as vegan and vegetarian products.

Being the first retailer to deny energy drink sales to minors.

Promotion a healthy lifestyle is carried out with such activities:

Supporting local activities such as Tallinn marathon, Rimi Riga marathon in Latvia and Rimi Vilnius marathon in Lithuania.

Children’s football camps and sports scholarships in Estonia.

In Estonia Rimi has been supporting several healthy eating projects for children such as "Rimi recipe masterclass" and "School of senses". The aim of both projects is to introduce healthy eating starting from very young age.

Within Rimi Riga Marathon organizing Rimi Children’s Day and encouraging families to live healthier and spend more time together.

In Latvia parents are provided with useful and educational information through Rimi For Children website. Rimi For Children organizes various activities for families, for example, Children’s Day festival.
Organizing a sports competition for schools to widen children’s knowledge about healthy and active lifestyle in Latvia.

Initiating and organizing longboard trainings with sports professionals for the children attending day centers of Save the Children Lithuania.

Parents are advised about healthier meals for children and their active leisure time together by health specialists and well-known parents on Lithuanian Rimi website subpage For My Family Rimi.

Not only does Rimi support healthy lifestyle choices for its customers, but for its employees as well. Rimi hosts different health-related activities in “Health month” and provides fruits as a healthy snack on a daily basis. Also, Rimi invites its employees to take part in Rimi Donor days.