Latvia launches new E-store and first Rimi Drive in Baltic states

Research conducted by Rimi last year showed that one-quarter of the people of the Baltic states have tried out shopping for groceries on the internet. As part of its growth strategy, Rimi has designed a convenient and modern Internet store with a wide range of goods so that each customer can choose the shopping solution that is most convenient for his or her day.

“Saving time by using various digital solutions is becoming more and more important, and digital innovations are all but a mandatory prerequisite for improving our shopping experiences on an everyday basis,” says Rimi Latvia Country Managing Director Valdis Turlais. “We are expanding the formats of our stores, and over the past three years we have invested 7.7 million euros in the Baltic states in various digital solutions that help to make shopping even faster and more convenient. The main thing is to retain flexibility so that each customer can choose the best solution depending on the amount of products that he or she buys and the types of products, that are selected. This is the largest digitalization project for Rimi, and our test shows that there is much potential for the E-store format. We are finding customer, who use the store to buy things for today and also for the longer term.”

Home deliveries from the E-store are currently assembled at the Rimi store at the Spice Shopping Centre. By timely reservation of deliveries, customer can receive the purchases on the same day that they are made. Purchases are also available at “Click & collect” stands at Rimi Ozols and Rimi Spice information centres. When the shopper enters a special PIN code, a Rimi employee will present the goods that have been purchased. Rimi Ozols, in turn, has a unique Rimi Drive system, where shoppers can arrive in their own cars and receive their purchases at their cars after the system recognizes their license plate or the shopper enters a PIN code. E-store deliveries are currently available throughout Rīga and Mārupe. The plan is to expand this territory in future.

“The E-store has a wide range of goods, with special offers that relate to Rimi stores,” says Turlais. “Orders are put together by specially trained employees who make sure that the products have an expiration date that is as far away as possible. They also will make sure that each product is fresh. As is the case at all of our stores, the E-store will have a responsible attitude towards the environment, not least in terms of offering environmentally friendly packaging materials.”

During the test of the E-store, more than 60% of orders came from mobile devices and the most popular purchases included dairy products, vegetables, fruits, bread and other everyday goods. Nappies, in turn, are among the most popular children’s products at the E-store.

The Rimi E-store can be found here.

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