Rimi Baltic Bans Russian and Belarusian Goods From Its Stores

In solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainians, many of whom are among Rimi Baltic employees and clients, as well as being strictly against the military aggression and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine that has been launched by Russia, one of the largest retail chains in the Baltic States, Rimi Baltic, has banned Russian and Belarusian goods from its stores.

The decision made by Rimi Baltic means that as of now in all of almost 300 Rimi stores in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia goods produced by Russian and Belarusian companies are being removed from the assortment and Rimi Baltic will stop importing such products from international distribution companies. Rimi Baltic is informing suppliers about this decision and has started removing Russian and Belarusian goods from its stores.

“The volume of Russian and Belarusian goods in Rimi stores does not exceed 1% of our total assortment. However, the decision to stop selling these products is a symbolic step with a clear message – we are against military aggression and show solidarity with Ukrainians” emphasized Giedrius Bandzevičius, CEO of Rimi Baltic.


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