Rimi Baltic has opened new logistics centre in Riga

Today, on 27 October, Rimi Baltic has opened the new logistics centre in Riga, A.Deglava Street 161. It is not only one of the largest investment projects of the branch in the Baltic States, but also the largest and most modern logistics centre in the Baltics.

Products for deliveries to Latvian stores will be collected here, as well as a part of the assortment of Lithuania and Estonia, hence optimizing the delivery process in the entire Baltic delivery network. EUR 82 million have been invested into rebuilding and expanding the logistics centre, channeling extra investments into construction of the central kitchen and automated solutions. It will provide workplaces for more than 700 people.

“Not only is this the most extensive project implemented by Rimi Baltic to date, but it is also a notable contribution to the regional economy development. The new centre will become the main logistics point of Rimi in the Baltics – central collection of goods for Rimi stores in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will take place there, allowing to service the ever growing sales amounts from one location. The new work places at the expanded logistics centre will be filled by both delivery network and logistics employees, again joining both functions under one roof. Moving started in October of this year and will continue until next year’s summer when we will build the central kitchen and implement modern solutions for storage and collection of goods,” says Edgar Sesemann, CEO of Rimi Baltic.

After the nearly two years long renovation and expansion of the warehouse building at A.Deglava street, which was implemented by the contractors UAB YIT Lietuva and SIA Bukoteks, the total size of the building has tripled from 26,500 m2 to 84,000 m2. Most of the total area – 74,000 m2 – is taken up by premises for logistics operations, area of 2000 m2 will host the central kitchen, and 8000 m2 are office premises. In 2021, the new logistics centre will be the workplace of over 700 employees, who will enjoy the advantages of modern cloakrooms, comfortable rest area and a subsidized meal during working hours – also during night shifts.

“When choosing equipment for the logistics centre, the primary focus was on improving everyday life of employees. Floor marking of the logistics centre is made in line with the best practice of the world, with care for the safety of our employees. Two thirds of the technical equipment to be used at the logistics centre will be replaced within the next year, choosing innovative, more environmentally friendly solutions that will improve ergonomics and productivity of employees. In turn all shelves are equipped with one of the most modern sprinkler systems for the purpose of keeping employees safe and meeting fire safety requirements,” says Kristīne Pojasņikova, Supply Chain and Logistics Director of Rimi Baltic.

About the Rimi Baltic logistics centre

All groups of goods available at Rimi stores will be processed at the logistics centre. The small goods shelf area is equipped with modern lifts powered by lithium-ion battery, providing for more efficient operations. All units of technical equipment operated in this area are connected to the warehouse control system, which will allow to improve productivity up to 20%. Additional productivity in the collection process will be provided by the voice control system, which will partially replace usage of scanners.

Caring for reduced volumes of food waste, the new logistics centre will use automated order planning system, which was introduced a few years ago. Based on the historical data of the system, a credible prediction is made of the necessary order volumes with a view to minimize product oversupply.

There are also other sustainable solutions implemented at the Rimi logistics centre:

  • DALI system managed LED lighting;
  • Ammonia and CO2 cooling system;
  • Adiabatic cooling at the dry product warehouse;
  • Modern building control system.

In turn heat recovered from the ground heating system and the used-up water at warehouse employee showers will be used for heating of water and the premises. Calculations show that the new logistics centre and centralized delivery of goods will allow Rimi to lower CO2 emissions by 1300-1400 tons per year and save up to 500,000 liters of fuel.

To ensure faster receipt of goods and their swift delivery to stores in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the number of loading docks or ramps has been increased – currently goods can be loaded at 124 points simultaneously. In turn the new shelf systems reach 11 meters in height, providing space for 53,200 pallets. Loading equipment of goods has been refurbished as well, ensuring ergonomic operation and higher productivity. Investments into construction of the logistics centre are fully financed by resources of the Rimi mother company ICA Gruppen.


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