Rimi Baltic is happy to have contributed to the retail management course at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

In the beginning of December, the Rimi Baltic management team was invited to retail course student presentations at SSE Riga.

Over the course of three months, students worked on the analysis of price perception mismatch, store efficiencies and the arrival of new competitors in the market. The topics were put forward by Rimi Baltic and executive and senior managers mentored the student groups throughout the course.

“As a member of the SSE Riga foundation board, I was involved in setting up the retail management program. This new retail management specialization course which is offered to final year BSc students, was chosen by more than 40 students, and the result was great. We need more knowledge of the retail industry in general and it also gives the company the possibility to recruit people with high academic competences and knowledge of retail in the future”, says Edgar Sesemann, CEO of Rimi Baltic.

The goal of the retail management course at SSE Riga was to give students practical and useful tasks and provide insight into retail fundamentals. Apart from practical research, the course consisted of such modules as strategy, marketing, supply chain, logistics and the future of retail.

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