Rimi is recognized as the sustainability leader in Latvia in the international brand sustainability index

In Europe’s largest independent brand study on sustainability – Sustainable Brand Index™ – Rimi has won 1st place in Latvia, becoming the winner of both this year’s food retail industry and the overall ranking, and improving our 2020 performance by one position. In the brand sustainability index, Rimi ranked fourth in Estonia and twelfth in Lithuania, significantly improving our position compared to the 2020.

The Sustainable Brand Index™ rating shows how consumers perceive brand sustainability. The rating takes into account the environmental and social responsibility of companies, as well as the importance of various sustainability issues in the choice of product and service providers, according to customers.

According to the results of the study, for majority of Baltic consumers – 65-71% – brand sustainability solutions are important when deciding on the purchase of a brand’s products or services, and this is a slight decrease since 2020. This is probably due to the topicality of Covid-19, which has taken over the government and media agenda for a year, as well as private talks with friends and relatives – this year 56-60% of Baltic consumers are discussing sustainability with friends and family on a regular basis. At the same time, 23-38% of Baltic consumers have admitted that their interest in sustainability issues has even increased under the influence of Covid-19.

We are pleased that the people of Baltics notice and appreciate the tremendous work that Rimi enthusiastically carries out on a daily basis towards achieving sustainability goals, and the support we provide to our customers by helping them make sustainable choices. Although the past year has brought a number of challenges and limitations due to the pandemic, the study confirms that sustainability issues are relevant in all circumstances and brand attitudes and environmental responsibility are important for consumers.

More information on Sustainable Brand Index™ and study results: https://www.sb-index.com/

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