Rimi pilots handheld scanners in Estonia

As a part of Rimi digitalization strategy, in June Sõpruse Rimi hypermarket in Estonia introduces handheld scanners. Handheld scanners are introduced to help customers make their purchases even faster and more conveniently than before. Similar pilots are also planned in Latvia and Lithuania later this year.

“Handheld scanners is a widely used self-service solution in many countries, including Sweden; it is already established in Estonia. For Rimi this is an important step towards digitalization of the customer journey. We believe this can help to make the everyday shopping experience a little easier for our customers,” says Gustav Fernström, Marketing and Business Development Director of Rimi Baltic Group.

Rimi Estonia Operations Manager Jelena Koginova gave us more details about what is going on in Sopruse store: “There are 96 handheld scanners at Sõpruse Rimi in Mustamäe right now – I believe that our clients will manage to use them well. The next store that will offer handheld scanners is Ülemiste Rimi supermarket, which will be opened soon. Estonian clients are used to these scanners and hopefully we will have them in all larger Rimi stores in the near future.”

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