Rimi was selected for the best workplace health employer in Estonia

On October 31, the EXEX Decision-Making Forum took place at Kultuurikatel (Tallinn, Estonia), where Rimi was awarded the Annual Workplace Health Award from 13 nominations.

“We chose Rimi this year’s Annual Workplace Health Award for the year, as Rimi paid attention to all of its employees all over Estonia, from office workers to cashier salesmen,” said Kadi Lambot, a jury member at the Confido Private Medical Center. “Rimi approach is versatile and organized, attention is paid to both raising awareness at regular health lectures as well on physical activity, where gym breaks are carried out at the office, and pilates’ workouts are being held at both stores and office. We know that in large companies with multiple locations, health promotion is complex and we highly value Rimi’s entrepreneurial spirit. ”

“In recent years, we have been working hard in the field of occupational health care to provide Rimi employees with the best opportunities for active working life,” said Rimi Estonia HR manager Kaire Tero. “Over the years, it has changed a lot. First, the employees themselves are already more aware of how to take care of their health in the work environment and to be physically active. Human health is directly related to how much it moves during the day – the more we can involve our employees in different activities, the healthier they are. Today, we have been raised the awareness regarding healthy lifestyle awareness so well that people are actively participating in all common health days and activities.”

One example is gymnastic breaks for the office employee, which was a challenge at the start, because it was initially difficult to get together all at once. “Since the office work is sitting in a forced position, our health advisor is giving morning strechouts for office workers and going through all the rooms during the day, making employees to move. Due to the large office, which has several hundred people, it was not easy at the beginning, but now everyone is well-trained and everyday gymnastics is one part of the day. When the weather is nice and warm, gymnastic breaks are held outside.”

In addition to the Annual Workplace Health Prize, Rimi Estonia was also nominated for #beactive award.

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