Summer camp took Rimi employees’ children into the nature

This year’s summer camp for Rimi employees’ children took place on the second week of July at Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski resort. Among the attendees were 34 children, aged 7-13.

This time, the main focus was on adventure and hiking. Every day at the camp included some active or creative activity. After explaining the basics of hiking and orienteering, children tried it out for themselves at the hiking trail. We also had volunteers from the Rescue Board, who introduced their day-to-day jobs to us, which culminated in a massive water fight.

The camp also had visitors from the Police Museum to show the everyday work of the police. Children could try on uniforms and look at the equipment. In addition to this, various diagnostic techniques were introduced, like how to take fingerprints. During their free time, children could try out disc golf, practice archery and fishing. At night, a fire was lit and food was cooked on the fire.

The camp also offered opportunities to engage in more creative activities. Children crafted flower arrangements, wooden boxes, wristbands and funny hats. They could also try their hand at some lightweight scientific research – children were introduced to various insects, finding their carcasses and preserving them.

During the five-day camp, the children participated in several hiking and bike journeys. The evenings were full of playback, films and dancing. To their great surprise, the camp was also visited by Mikael Parman, who is well known to children as a scooter guru.

According to the participants, the most memorable events were the bike hike; the water fight, which was organised by the Rescue Board volunteers; archery and disc golf. To the great joy of the organisers, the children enjoyed the fun summer camp.

Several awards were given out at the end of the camp. Children liked the gift baskets, which were provided by Rimi, and the diplomas for active participation at the camp. During the farewell, everyone’s common wish was that they could meet again next summer.

Thank you to everyone, who helped make this event happen!

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