About us

Rimi Baltic is one of the largest retailers in the Baltic States. It operates four chains that are favorite among customers – Rimi Hyper, Rimi Super, Rimi Mini and Rimi Express. Since 2020 Rimi also has an e-store in all three Baltic Countries. The company employs over 12000 people across the Baltics.

Rimi vision

We make every day a little easier.

Rimi mission

We create the shopping experience of tomorrow. We drive healthy and sustainable choices that improve people’s lives and society. Every day.

Our values

ICA Group is convinced that a common approach and vision of basic values increases ​​greater clarity to the customer and attractiveness among current and future employees. It makes it easier to make decisions, thereby improving the internal efficiency.

Simplicity – we think easy first

Choosing simple first is important to us. For us, simplicity is also an attitude, whereby we are clear, honest and rely on each other. This makes it easier to work well together. When we let simplicity be the hallmark of the way we work, we become even more efficient and agile. This gives the customer the best solutions, and us clarity and speed in our day-to-day work.

Entrepreneurship – we create opportunities

We believe in and are driven by the power of entrepreneurship, both individually and together. Succeeding in business means seeing and creating opportunities, the power to act, innovation and the desire to take personal responsibility. Entrepreneurship also implies the courage to try and a desire to continuously improve. Things that enable us to develop all the time and improve. When we identify new needs to solve for the customer, we create new opportunities for our business.

Commitment – we make a difference

We are committed to our customers and we develop together. If we do this, we can make a difference. Our commitment can also make a difference in other ways. Commitment at work leads to better results. Commitment to each other builds solidarity, and when we believe in each other we perform at our very best. For us, ‘good things’ are not just about food – we believe in a commitment to the world around which contributes to a sustainable, better world.​​​​


ICA Gruppen

ICA Gruppen AB is a leading retail company with a focus on food and health.


Rimi Baltic

Rimi Baltic is one of the fastest growing retailers in the Baltic states.


Rimi Estonia
Rimi Latvia
Rimi Lithuania

Rimi Estonia
Rimi Latvia
Rimi Lithuania
Rimi Hypermarkets 17 37 40
Rimi Express 2 6 11
Rimi Super 24 35 37
Rimi Mini 39 60 0
Stores in total 82 138 88
* February 2024


Rimi e-store solution lets people enjoy grocery shopping online by providing an easy choice to receive groceries at home, in-store pickup points, or the unique Drive-in method. There’s one thing we kept in mind though all this process – Rimi is not just a retail brand, it’s a food culture brand. Therefore we needed to find ways to incorporate new inspirational recipes, recommendations, enable customer save multiple baskets to plan their shopping, and one-click checkout designed to offer people what they need when they need it.

Home delivery

Your products delivered to your home.

Rimi Drive

Your product order ready for pick up in Rimi Drive.

Rimi Click & Collect

Your product order ready for pick up in Rimi store.

Actual procurement announcements

Rimi procurements are carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable business, observing the norms of environmental protection, social responsibility and ethics in the selection of cooperation partners. The Rimi Supplier corporate sustainability principles are taken into account in the procurement process.

Information on Rimi procurement projects for internal needs (Indirect Sourcing / Not For Resale) is available here.


We care about your privacy. Your trust is important to us. Our aim is that you feel safe when you share your personal data with us. Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an individual.
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