Become Rimi Supplier

We appreciate your consideration to become Rimi supplier  and are open for potential partners who can provide additional value for our customers.

To begin the process, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Check Commercial contacts file to find the relevant category and responsible person for your product (link below).

Step 2:  Complete the New Item Proposal form with  details about your company and products (link below).

Step 3:  Submit your offer to the responsible person at least 2 weeks before date specified in the Commercial contacts file.

Step 4:  Send samples to the responsible person in advance, ensuring they will arrive during the specified period mentioned in Commercial contacts file. For categories managed across all three countries by same Category manager, one set of samples is enough. Address for samples is available in Commercial contacts file.

Step 5:  Category manager will contact you if your products are of interest.

Please note the following:

Application must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the specified date in contacts file. If your offered assortment is of interest,  Category Manager will contact you. However, if you do not receive any communication within 3 weeks, please consider it as a rejection. We welcome you to reapply next year. 

If you are  considering Rimi Chain for your Direct import or Private label development projects, we invite you to contact our Private Label and Import Sourcing manager, whose contact details can be found in our Commercial contacts file. They will be able to guide you through the next steps of the process. 

Commercial contacts files HERE

New Item Proposal form HERE