For a better tomorrow

Part of every entrepreneurship is to be a socially positive enterprise - socially, economically and environmentally.


Rimi and ICA Gruppen hold a position of responsibility both in the supply chain, as well as in the societies it works in. From the field and production, all the way to when the product has reached the clients’ home, sustainability and corporate social responsibility remain a priority. Rimi and ICA Gruppen are dedicated to this field and continuously provide the required support to continue sustainable development.

  • We reduced CO2 emissions by 83% versus 2006 and from 2021 we are Climate Neutral company
  • 51% of Rimi Private Label product plastic packaging is easy to recycle
  • In 2021 we have reduced food waste by 9% versus 2020
  • We have donated 2019 tons of food in 2021 and that is 70% more than last year
  • We have participated in Future HUB start-up accelerator programs and working with 3 start-ups now
  • There are in total 1531 healthy products in our range, with a label “Rimi Good for You” and its sales increased by 16% versus 2020
  • Mental well-being was selected as one of focus areas in Health Strategy and we will invest in it


Rimi has always worked in two main areas to promote a healthy lifestyle and help its customers feel good: to inspire healthy choices through healthy assortment, recipes, customer magazine, websites and stores, as well as by promoting an active lifestyle.
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Rimi works to reduce the company’s environmental impact at all stages in everyday work in stores, logistics and offices.
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Rimi works closely with local producers, growers and cooperatives. We constantly make sure that a wide range of local products in all product categories are available at Rimi stores.
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In Quality area, Rimi has chosen a structured and systematic approach to ensure that the products we sell meet external and internal requirements and are handled in a safe manner throughout the whole value chain – “from field to fork”.
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Ethical trade

It is ICA Gruppen’s firm conviction that all trade should be conducted on human terms. We sell products from around the world and need to be aware of where the products come from and under what conditions they were produced.
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Rimi employs people with disabilities and introduces this practice in public in order to engage more and more such people in working environment.
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