Rimi works to reduce the company’s environmental impact at all stages in everyday work in stores, logistics and offices.

As a part of ICA Gruppen, Rimi is working towards the target of being climate-neutral by 2020 and has set a new goal towards being Net Zero by 2030.

Here’s what has been done to meet that target:

In 2020 we aim to reduce CO2 emissions in our operations by 75% compared to 2006. This is planned to be achieved with switching to more environmentally friendly refrigerants and using LED lighting in the stores, as well as by purchasing only green energy.

Electric car charging stations have been implemented in Lithuanian Rimi parking lots in co-operation with the electric car sharing company “Spark”.

In 2020 Rimi Lithuania joined Green Lithuania Initiative, launch by the President Gitanas Nausėda, to present Rimi environment-friendly activities and promote green ideas in country.

Rimi aims to cut food waste by half by 2025 as compared to 2016.

Rimi has good cooperation with charity organizations in order to give away marked down food for people in need. Also, there are special campaigns in Rimi Estonia to point out the problem in households as well.

In Estonia Rimi is one of the biggest partners for Foodbank from food retailers.

Rimi Latvia in 2019 continued cooperation with the Samaritans Association (Food bank), twice per year organizing a charity event. In 2019, a record amount was donated – more than 14,000 food parcels.

Rimi stores in Lithuania host national Food Bank campaign twice a year and donate food products of the last day before expire date to more than 230 various charity organizations that cooperate with the Food Bank. 320 tons of donated food products reached 25 thousand people in 94 Lithuanian towns and villages in 2019.

Rimi undertakes various activities to reduce plastic packaging in its operations.

Rimi aims to provide all private label products with recyclable plastic packaging until 2022 and ensure that all private label product packaging is produced from recycled or renewable materials until 2030.

Customers are continuously encouraged to use reusable bags instead of singe use plastic ones. Rimi Estonia organizes every year special environmental month dedicated to decreasing packaging in everyday life. Every year Rimi Latvia organized an event called “A day without plastic bags” where customers are encouraged with environment friendly activities use only paper bags when shopping at Rimi.

Other environmentally friendly activities include:

Textile recycling containers have been implemented in Rimi Latvia.

All Rimi Baltic Group offices use environmentally friendly paper which contains recycled materials.

We aim to support customers as they seek out sustainable choices, which will result in a further expanded proportion of organic and eco-labelled products. For this reason, Rimi has attained organic certification for its warehouses in all 3 countries as well as ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management System) in Central Sourcing to ensure an environmentally friendly approach to purchasing new goods.