ICA Selection is a range of custom selected products for customers who want to treat themselves to something extra. Only the best products are labeled as ICA Selection to ensure excellent quality and function. For those who are curious and want an experience.

I love eco is a range of ecological products that are characterized not only by high quality but also by excellent taste. The brand has a broad product range and the assortment is constantly refreshed with new products.

Kitchen appliances is an ecological line that has a modern design and products throughout the whole of ICA. Expresses futurity and supports ICAs health profile and environmental work.

ICA Basic is an assortment line with easy and effective everyday items with low price and good quality. Attracts customers who want good products at extra low prices.

ICA Cook & Eat and ICA home are our widest assortment lines with a wide variety of products. The products are affordable and holds high quality. These are products you can trust. ICA Cook & Eat pans are suitable for different types of stoves – gas, electric, induction and ceramic surfaces.

ICA Skona is a range of environmentally friendly and efficient products: cleaning and laundry detergents, dish-washing detergents, as well as paper towels and toilet paper and other cleaning products. ICA Skona products are of high quality and meet the criteria of eco labels such as Nordic Swan, Good Environmental Choice and the EU Eco label. Washing and Cleaning products that provides the conscious consumer the possibility to choose effective and affordable products that take the environment into account.