Rimi works closely with local producers, growers and cooperatives. We constantly make sure that a wide range of local products in all product categories are available at Rimi stores.

In 2020 we created the campaign “Good for you, good for your country” to invite customers across Baltics to choose products made in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are more than 50 farmers stores in the largest Rimi stores, providing a wide assortment of local producers, supporting local farmers. Farmer stores “Talu toidab”/“Klēts”/“Vikis” not only strengthens Rimi cooperation with local producers, but also makes the products of local farmers more accessible to a wide range of buyers.

Rimi gives to those in need within several charity projects. For example:

Charity donation boxes in Rimi stores for several campaigns per year.

Rimi Estonia has more than 10 years cooperation with Red Cross. The money collecting boxes in Rimi stores supply people in need with food, hygiene products and school goods. Special Christmas gifts are also made with the help of Rimi and Red Cross.

Supporting the NGO “Mentor Latvia”, in a project where Rimi clients donated 16 023,03 euros in charity boxes.

Initiating and organizing collection of donations via reverse vending machines for three organization in Lithuania taking care of those in need of both emotional and financial support: “Mamų unija”, charity organization helping families of children with cancer and oncological diseases, “Sidabrinė linija”, befriending and support line providing information, friendship and advise to elder people, and “Niekieno vaikai”, initiative providing emotional support to children left without parental care or other legal representatives in the hospitals.