Good, affordable and functional base ware. For us quality is an important part of our life, that’ s why we choose products of good quality. A constant development based on consumers needs and trends.

Women ’s & Men’ s wear. We offer fashion must haves for all seasons, with good quality and at a reasonable price. We want to offer garments with material that works for an active lifestyle and leisure.

Baby & children`s wear. The range for children wear consists of garments in comfortable materials that works regardless of weather. The comfortable fit calls for play and exercise every day. The focus is on the rain/all-weather garments, jogging/fleece and jersey tops. For baby, we have mainly basics as bodysuits and tights in various colors and models.

Shoes & accessories. A range of functional and affordable products for everyday use. You can use the products every day, all year round. They are updated according to seasonal fashions and colors. We focus on function with a focus on all-weather boots, sandals and slippers.

Lingerie & stockings. Affordable basics in various models with good quality and fit that always makes you feel nice underneath your clothes, supplemented with seasonal models, colors and patterns. Focus on panties, underwear, socks, stockings, pantyhose and tights.