Quality guarantee

Rimi private label assortment is created under a trusted name where quality, safety, freshness and affordable prices meet. The products are created to meet different customers’ needs and to become their favorite choice.

All of Rimi private label products go thorough testing and must meet quality, environmental, health and social responsibility requirements. The suppliers must comply with international as well as Rimi’s own standards, the products are tested in our own quality lab and when the products reach the stores, they are subject to regular quality assurance scrutiny. The term “quality” for us has many different aspects, including product safety, animal welfare, content, taste, labelling and traceability.


Rimi brand product assortment is created and regularly updated considering everyday family’s needs: healthy diary products, fruits and vegetables, grains, breakfast cereals, qualitative fresh meat from safe origin, certified fish and lots of other products.  Sub-brands Rimi Planet, Rimi Greatlife, Rimi Express and Rimi Grill offer specially selected product collections, adapting to different customer preferences and occasions. Rimi name on the packaging is the guarantee of constant high quality of our products!

Selection by Rimi

Selection by Rimi is a range of our finest quality products specially selected for your enjoyment.

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Selection by Rimi is a product line of exceptional quality and exquisite taste. Only best ingredients from their original growing places together with unique and special recipes create most exquisite flavor of our products. With knowledge, traditions through generations and a touch of true love Selection by Rimi products turn into a real masterpiece.

Three key aspects that make Selection by Rimi products so special:

Quality of raw materials – each ingredient of product is carefully selected to fit the highest quality standards. For example, fruits, vegetables, grains and olives are picked in their regions of origin at the peak season, when they are the freshest, tastiest and full of vitamins.

Authenticity – all recipes are invented and nurtured through generations. With Selection by Rimi products you can try real traditional meals that shine a spotlight on the countries they come from. Knowledge through generations and respect to traditional cooking methods – this is the key to exquisite flavor and outstanding quality. For example, our prosciutto crudo from the valley of Langhirano, Parma, is slowly matured according to local traditions. The entire process takes many months until it gives prosciutto crudo its characteristic, tempting aroma and delicate taste.

Love – with all these masterpiece products, the last ingredient you need to add for a meal to be filled with true indulgence is love.

Rimi Basic

Rimi Basic is a basic everyday product line for family’s everyday needs.  This line is for smart shoppers, who want to save money on everyday basket without sacrificing quality. Rimi Basic products are available in simpler packaging, in bigger or smaller quantities that allows us to offer you better prices for good quality products.


A range of custom selected products to meet widest range of customer needs.

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ICA Selection is a range of custom selected products for customers who want to treat themselves to something extra. Only the best products are labeled as ICA Selection to ensure excellent quality and function. For those who are curious and want an experience.

I love eco is a range of ecological products that are characterized not only by high quality but also by excellent taste. The brand has a broad product range and the assortment is constantly refreshed with new products.

Kitchen appliances is an ecological line that has a modern design and products throughout the whole of ICA. Expresses futurity and supports ICAs health profile and environmental work.

ICA Basic is an assortment line with easy and effective everyday items with low price and good quality. Attracts customers who want good products at extra low prices.

ICA Cook & Eat and ICA home are our widest assortment lines with a wide variety of products. The products are affordable and holds high quality. These are products you can trust. ICA Cook & Eat pans are suitable for different types of stoves – gas, electric, induction and ceramic surfaces.

ICA Skona is a range of environmentally friendly and efficient products: cleaning and laundry detergents, dish-washing detergents, as well as paper towels and toilet paper and other cleaning products. ICA Skona products are of high quality and meet the criteria of eco labels such as Nordic Swan, Good Environmental Choice and the EU Eco label. Washing and Cleaning products that provides the conscious consumer the possibility to choose effective and affordable products that take the environment into account.


Good, affordable and functional base ware. For us quality is an important part of our life, that`’s why we choose products of good quality. A constant development based on consumers needs and trends.

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Good, affordable and functional base ware. For us quality is an important part of our life, that’ s why we choose products of good quality. A constant development based on consumers needs and trends.

Women ’s & Men’ s wear. We offer fashion must haves for all seasons, with good quality and at a reasonable price. We want to offer garments with material that works for an active lifestyle and leisure.

Baby & children`s wear. The range for children wear consists of garments in comfortable materials that works regardless of weather. The comfortable fit calls for play and exercise every day. The focus is on the rain/all-weather garments, jogging/fleece and jersey tops. For baby, we have mainly basics as bodysuits and tights in various colors and models.

Shoes & accessories. A range of functional and affordable products for everyday use. You can use the products every day, all year round. They are updated according to seasonal fashions and colors. We focus on function with a focus on all-weather boots, sandals and slippers.

Lingerie & stockings. Affordable basics in various models with good quality and fit that always makes you feel nice underneath your clothes, supplemented with seasonal models, colors and patterns. Focus on panties, underwear, socks, stockings, pantyhose and tights.

Other brands

Other brands are brands that are owned by Rimi or ICA. These are products that have been carefully tested and suppliers meet the same strict Rimi / ICA quality, environmental and social policy. Some of the best know brands are: ICA, Poesia, Northland, Fruitland, Loving touch, Awake and Nutribalance.