Selection by Rimi

Selection by Rimi is a product line of exceptional quality and exquisite taste. Only best ingredients from their original growing places together with unique and special recipes create most exquisite flavor of our products. With knowledge, traditions through generations and a touch of true love Selection by Rimi products turn into a real masterpiece.

Three key aspects that make Selection by Rimi products so special:

Quality of raw materials – each ingredient of product is carefully selected to fit the highest quality standards. For example, fruits, vegetables, grains and olives are picked in their regions of origin at the peak season, when they are the freshest, tastiest and full of vitamins.

Authenticity – all recipes are invented and nurtured through generations. With Selection by Rimi products you can try real traditional meals that shine a spotlight on the countries they come from. Knowledge through generations and respect to traditional cooking methods – this is the key to exquisite flavor and outstanding quality. For example, our prosciutto crudo from the valley of Langhirano, Parma, is slowly matured according to local traditions. The entire process takes many months until it gives prosciutto crudo its characteristic, tempting aroma and delicate taste.

Love – with all these masterpiece products, the last ingredient you need to add for a meal to be filled with true indulgence is love.