Smart shopping bag that plants trees – choose to support natural diversity!

In cooperation with NGO "Pasaules Dabas Fonds" in Latvia, "Mittetulundusühing Eesti Ökokogukondade Ühendus" in Estonia and ”Lietuvos gamtos fondas” in Lithuania and the start-up goodbag, Rimi Baltic has launched a unique, new innovation pilot project in Rimi stores in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia that will see the introduction of smart cloth shopping bags that will reward sustainable choices by shoppers. 

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First Retail Hackathon has been concluded

The event witnessed a remarkable response, attracting 52 startup applications from 15 countries across the globe. After three days of intense work in Rimi headquarters in Riga and a careful evaluation process, Rimi has selected six startups for paid pilots, paving the way for innovation and collaboration in the retail industry. 
Among the numerous applications received, 22 startups were given the opportunity to engage with Rimi representatives and present their specific proposals for paid pilot projects. From this group, Rimi carefully selected six startups to embark on pilots, reserving funding in total amount of EUR 200 000 aimed at testing their products or services.  

Winning startups

The winning startups from the hackathon's startup track were: Traxlo (Lithuania), Envelope (Estonia), LiTech (Estonia), goodbag (Austria), Footprints AI (Romania), Revo Food (Austria).  

The evaluation process was conducted by the Rimi Future Business Board members, consisting of Vaidas Lukoševičius, Vaido Padumäe, Valdis Turlais, Liene Perija, Dainis Bērziņš, Gita Rudoviča, Maris Rannus, Andris Vedigs and Zanda Šadre. 

About Rimi Open Innovations

Over the next 3 years, Rimi Baltic plans to provide financing of at least EUR 1 million for innovative co-projects that build on the strengths and transform core business as well as develop pilot projects with Baltic and European innovators and start-ups. Rimi aims to evaluate at least 60 quality start-up company applications per year and achieve 5 operational PoC`s and pilots. The open innovation platform on Rimi's side will be overseen by the Rimi Baltic Future Business Board, which consists of management team members and industry experts. As part of the process, startups will have a regular chance to pitch their products and services to the Rimi Baltic Future Business Board to potentially arrive at an arrangement that benefits all parties involved - Rimi, the startup, and the shoppers.

In collaboration with Helve
The content of the hackathon, mentors and other competencies are provided by our partner Helve, which is one of the leading expert companies in the Baltics in open innovation processes. The Helve team manages acceleration programmes, internal innovation incubators, local and international hackathons, and other open innovation projects. The Helve team works to realise the potential of innovation, technology and change at both the company and national level. Helve's customers are leading national and Baltic market companies and public authorities. Get to know more:

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